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By Gregory S. Herzler, DDS
September 04, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Periodontal Health  

The most prevalent cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is why knowing how to properly maintain your periodontal health is imperative.

Besides regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist in Saginaw, MI, Dr. Greg Herzler, here are simple steps you can take to care for your gums.

Brush Your Teeth Two Times a Day

This is the most essential and obvious step to maintaining your oral health. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush along with fluoride toothpaste. By brushing your teeth, plaque that contains potentially harmful bacteria is eliminated, diminishing your chances of infection that could lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

Floss Daily

Flossing can effectively get rid of leftover food particles and plaque that can’t be reached by your toothbrush.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Incorporating more nutritious foods into your diet can effectively lower your risk of getting periodontal disease. For instance, foods like leafy greens and green tea can reduce inflammation; dairy can aid in neutralizing oral acids that can be detrimental to the gum tissue and tooth enamel, and vegetables such as onions can combat harmful bacteria that lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Don’t Smoke

If you do, quit now. Smoking is directly associated with periodontal disease, as it weakens your immune system’s response, making it difficult to battle a gum infection. Furthermore, it also makes it hard for your gums to heal if they’ve been damaged.

Gargle with a Therapeutic Mouthwash

This type of mouthwash could aid in lessening plaque buildups and reduce or prevent gingivitis, according to the American Dental Association. You could likewise ask your dentist for a recommendation.

See Your Dentist for Professional Cleanings and Exams

This should be done at least twice every year. Professional cleanings can eliminate plaque that can’t be cleaned off with regular brushing and flossing alone. Your dentist in Saginaw, MI, can also determine if you show symptoms of gum disease and will be able to treat you before it progresses.

Are Your Gums in the Right Condition?

Gum disease develops when plaque forms below or around your gum line. Plaque contains potentially harmful bacteria that could infect the gum and bone. With that said, check in with your dentist if you’re experiencing these warning signs of gum disease:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Gums that are tender, red, swollen, or bleed easily
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth

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By Gregory S. Herzler, DDS
September 11, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Periodontal Health  

With gum disease affecting at least 50 percent of American adults (according to the CDC), it’s important that everyone knows how to properly care for their gums in order to keep them in healthy shape. After all, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and it is closely linked to some serious systemic health problems, as well. Read on to learn how to properly care for your gums, and if you are at all concerned about your periodontal health, make sure to contact Dr. Gregory Herzler, your dentist in Saginaw, MI.

Your Gum Health is a Window Into Your General Health

The state and health of your gums can tell our Saginaw, MI, dentist a lot about not only your oral health, but your overall health, as well. Here are some of the ways that poor gums can affect your health:

  • There is a link between gum disease, tooth loss, and cognitive decline in older men.
  • There is an increased buildup of beta-amyloid in the brain of those with gum disease, and beta-amyloid is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s.
  • There is a correlation between gum disease and heart disease. Those who drink or smoke are also more likely to develop both of these issues.
  • There is also a small, but still important, correlation between gum disease and overall cancer risk.

The overall color, shape, and appearance of your gums can also tell us if you might have diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, herpes, anemia, and more.

Caring for Your Gums

The takeaway is that it’s important to maintain healthy gums because your gums can also impact your overall health. Luckily, caring for your gums is surprisingly simple. You can easily prevent gum disease just by:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day: once in the morning and at night before bed
  • Flossing daily: this is crucial, for brushing can’t remove plaque buildup between teeth as effectively as flossing can
  • Quitting smoking: if you are a smoker, quitting the habit for good can greatly improve the overall health and outlook of your gums
  • Eating a healthy diet: avoid sugary and starchy foods, which increase plaque buildup, and maintain a healthy, balanced diet full of lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, and fibrous veggies and fruits.

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