Join Your Dentist in Saginaw, MI on Facebook and Twitter!
By Greg Herzler
October 17, 2013
Category: Social Media
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At Greg Herzler, DDS, your dentist in Saginaw, we understand that many of you actively utilize Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to stay connected.  To share important dental information, we have decided to join the online communities of Facebook and Twitter.
Whether you are a Facebook pro or a Twitter expert, we want you to join us on our interactive social network to remain “in the know” for important dental information, as well as information on our dental practice in Saginaw.
If you are a Facebook enthusiast, we encourage you to “Like” us at  And if Twitter is your preferred method of contact, then “Follow” us at
Through our social network we will keep you up-to-date on important dental health care information in Saginaw including teeth whitening.  As your general and cosmetic dentist in Saginaw, Dr. Greg Herzler updates his social network regularly to make sure that you always receive the most up-to-date dental information available. 
As a member of our social network, each time you log into Facebook or Twitter, you will also be updated when we post a new blog post to our website. 
So remain “in the know” with Dr. Greg Herzler, your Saginaw dentist, by joining Facebook or Twitter.  We look forward to improving your knowledge of dental health care and sharing important information about our practice.
What dental health care information do you want to learn more about?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!