Is Sugar Causing My Dental Problems?
By Gregory S. Herzler, DDS
August 01, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: sugar   dental health   cavities  

Discover the effects that sugar has on your smile and why you should avoid it.

It’s so difficult to turn down that scoop of ice cream or to stop craving a bit of dessert after dinner. In fact, it’s pretty hard to stay away from dental healthsugar altogether, and our Saginaw dentist Dr. Greg Herzler understands this completely. However, sugar can have some pretty nasty effects on your smile.

How Sugar Affects Your Smile

How much sugar you consume on a regular basis can have quite the impact on your oral health and can certainly increase your chances of developing cavities.

Sugar found in sodas and juices combines with natural bacteria in your mouth and forms acid, which can eat away at healthy tooth enamel.

And the same goes for foods that contain sugar. You would be amazed how many foods contain added sugars. Don’t believe us? Just look at the nutritional labels on most food items and you’ll be amazed how much sugar is in them.

Other Factors that Play into Cavities

How long it takes you to consume sugary beverages and snacks also plays a role in how damaging it can be to your smile. How so? Because plaque is always found along the teeth and gums and plaque contains bacteria that feeds off sugar.

It doesn't take long for the bacteria to turn that sugar into acid. These acid attacks last for a full 30 minutes, and a new acid attack is created every time you consume more sugar. So the longer it takes you to sip that soda or eat that slice of cake the more detrimental sugar will be for your smile.

Other Dental Problems Caused by Sugar

Our Saginaw general dentist has seen it all and can tell you that sugar is a big culprit for dental erosion, which can do more than just cause cavities. Severe erosion of your teeth can also cause:

  • Tooth loss
  • Gum recession or gum disease
  • Changes in your bite

It’s important that you do whatever’s possible to keep your smile healthy, and part of that means coming in every six months for your routine cleaning. By coming in twice a year to our Saginaw dental office Dr. Herzler can make sure that your smile stays healthy for a long time.