Give Your Damaged Tooth a Second Chance
By Gregory S. Herzler, DDS
March 26, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Damaged Tooth   Dental Crown  

Crown your damaged tooth with a long-term restoration designed to preserve and protect.

A crown covers and protects a weak or damaged tooth. After all, a damaged tooth is susceptible to even more damage and complications if left unprotected, but once our Saginaw, MI, dentist Dr. Gregory Herzler places the crown over the tooth it’s now restored and safeguarded.

A dental crown may be placed over a tooth that is,

  • Weakened by traumatic injury, decay or infection
  • Worn down from years of bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Infected and requires root canal therapy
  • Severely decayed
  • No longer able to fully support a large dental filling
  • Discolored or malformed

Give Your Tooth a Second Chance

It’s important that you don’t wait to treat a weak, injured or damaged tooth, as these teeth are more susceptible to decay and other problems. By getting a dental crown from our Saginaw, MI, family dentist, we can preserve the natural tooth with this simple restoration.

Getting a dental crown is a quick, easy procedure and could give you a healthier, stronger smile. By choosing to get a dental crown when a tooth needs it you prevent further dental procedures from happening down the road. A crown doesn’t just improve your oral health and save damaged teeth, it could also save you time and money.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Our dental team prides itself on crafting beautiful and long-lasting restorations. Dental crowns are always made from strong, tooth-colored material such as porcelain or ceramic that matches the color of your teeth so they blend right in. No one will ever be able to tell that your crown isn’t a real tooth. With the proper care, crowns can last for many years.

Since 1980, our Saginaw, MI, dentist Dr. Gregory Herzler and his team have been creating and maintaining healthy, beautiful smiles in all of their patients. If you have questions about dental crowns or any of the dental services we offer, call us at (989) 793-7733.